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Kari the Vortex Manipulator
24 March 2010 @ 08:13 pm
Discuss the following:
- The awesome of this show.
- How in the HELL I hadn't seen it until 2 weeks ago.
- Jayne/Vera
- The sheer amount of fetish fuel on this show.
- Simon looking like the Eleventh Doctor
- Everyone on this show being a hot piece of ass.
- The impaley-times that made me D: & scream loud enough that the maintenance guy outside heard me & came to check. :(((

Also, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses Firefly icons.
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Kari the Vortex Manipulator
08 November 2009 @ 08:06 am
Watched the Merlin episode "The Witchfinder".
Spoilers!Collapse )

And Photobucket can EAT A DICK. I am not logging into that site every 90 days to "keep my account active". What's another good batch uploading site so that I can re-upload my mood theme? That is RIDICULOUS.
how are you?!: amusedamused
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